Inside Bellacor’s new penthouse HQ

Bellacor started fresh when it moved to Minneapolis in May.

The fifteen-year-old online home furnishing and fixture retailer wanted a new look as it relocated its headquarters to the top floor of the McKesson Building.

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Bellacor 2

Bellacor 3

Bellacor 45

Growing Company – Renovating Floors – Great Space


SPS Commerce Analytics solutions deliver rich insights into sales and inventory trends, so you can deliver the products consumers want, where and when they want them.


Breakout/Social Area.


Bubble Hockey Anyone?



Lockers / Workstations / Whiteboard Paint


Breakout Area / Video Conferencing


Main Break Area – Dining


Great Outdoor Patio

IMG_2973Thanks again to SPS Commerce for letting me into your home!

Great Office Space with a Better Story – Welcome to Latitude!

Latitude elevates their clients’ brands while committing 50% of their profits to ending women slavery and curing global hunger! 

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From Garage to FUJIYA to ZEUS JONES.

 “Our Values drive everything we do.”

Zeus Jones has implemented an open workplace that drives Transparency, Innovation, and Responsibility.

See for yourself!
Front touch down

Front Entrance

Front conference

Front benchingThe slate/gray walls are a type of exposed concrete board similar to sheetrock.Benching 4

Anyone else have Post-it notes as decoration!?Benching 2

Benching 3

Large Conference Room

Kitchen 2


“Benching” is a great solution to accommodate employee growth without taking on more real estate. LJP_2314

Pickle board wood is from crates out of Duluth.LJP_2304

2nd Benching

Open Conference Room 2

Open Conference Room

Team push-up break.
Push Up Break

With Spring here, the bike rack will be full.

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Thanks again to Brad Surcey and Zeus Jones for letting me into your home!

Coffee Shop or Office Space…? Welcome to Straight Line Theory!

Welcome to Straight Line Theory’s space in Minneapolis. By working with the historic preservation, architect, general contractor and landlord, SLT was able to create a welcoming and collaborative live/work space. The exposed brick, floors and ceiling along with the attention to detail created an environment that SLT’s owners and employees love.

Straight Line Theory is a UX company that can help you design and improve your website, app or digital product.


Morning touch down desks.

Morning Touch DownsSide conference room with custom-made, movable tablesMetting Room 2Meeting Room

Open booths with sound deafening material. Ideal for private calls or meetings.
Sound RoomCollaborative area. Benching Area _ Break AreaOpen break area with abundant natural light.Break AreaBreak Area 3Break Area 2Seating area – more collaborative space. Sitting AreaOne-on-One or benching area. Table SeatingBench Seating

Interior Design –

Architect –