UK workers are becoming unhappy at work


New research reveals space and cost-saving strategies such as open plan offices and hot-desking could be impacting workplace satisfaction and engagement.
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We continue to see our clients move to the open “hoteling”, creative office spaces with multiple touch down spots. Timely article as we are starting to see some push back on noise and concentrating problems with the open layout for sales and other “loud” divisions within a company. Carpeting, multiple “phone booths”, white noise, dropped ceiling tiles and higher cubicles are ways to combat the problem.

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Thanks to Chuck Hermes and the nice people at Clockwork on giving us a tour of your amazing office space!

IMG_3598Main bld 3

Main bld 2


Main bld



Oct 21 2015 596


Exterior Annex

Annex 6

Annex 2


Annex 4

Annex 5


Alan Christian

Conference room sculpture and gas station sculpture.

Willie Willette

Wood conference room table

Frank Stone

Entryway furniture and glass work in small conference rooms

Kelly Neumann

Designed and built most of the custom elements within both buildings including woodwork, steel work, custom doors and workstations.


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International employee wall.

International employee wall.




Front exterior offices.

Another set of exterior offices. Creative way to divide space.

Another set of exterior offices. Creative way to divide space.

Breakout area

Creative workstations.

Conference room.

Conference room.

Whiteboard / creative breakout space.

Whiteboard / creative breakout space.


Kitchen / breakout area continued.